8th May 2020 – Latest update

An opportunity has become available to join the waiting list at Doughty’s for a one-bedroomed, self-contained flat where you can live independently but also have the reassurance of support and care, should you need it, from our trained staff who are on-site 24 hours a day.

If you are eligible for State retirement pension, have lived within the City of Norwich for more than 4 years and are in receipt of Housing Benefit or on a low income, then you fit the criteria for living at Doughty’s. If you would like further information or an application form, please contact admin@doughtys.org.uk or call 01603 621857

 Who may become a resident?

Applicants must meet all the following criteria:

– Normally to be of at least the age to qualify for the State pension
– To have lived within the boundaries of the City of Norwich for at least 4 years immediately prior to applying
– To be in ‘financial need’

Who assesses whether Doughty’s is suitable to meet my needs?

The Scheme of the Charity states that the Almshouse Manager and other staff should meet applicants to discuss their application and to pass the relevant information to the Trustees for their decision. This is a very informal process.

What is the financial criterion for eligibility to become a resident?

The Trustees have defined someone as being in ‘financial need’ if they have an income below the average national average earned income, as published annually by the Office of National Statistics. This will include benefits (including Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit but excluding those related to a disability) which the individual or couple receive.  Any information which you disclose to the Charity for the purpose of assessing your eligibility will be treated in strict confidence and will be used only for this purpose.

How is this financial criterion assessed?

We will ask you to attend a short interview during which he will ask you to state all the sources of you income and what savings and other assets you own. You will be asked to provide evidence of these. This would usually be by showing a current bank statement, a letter setting out your entitlement to benefits or the like.

What are the charges?

The Charity has a duty to try to recoup such funds towards the cost of running its services as its beneficiaries can afford to contribute. Very often this will be determined by what benefits the residents are eligible to claim from the State.

Charge Source of funding for the resident
Rent Housing Benefit – all or most of the charge
Housing Service Charge Housing Benefit – all or most of the charge
Tenancy Support Charge ‘Supporting People’
Care & Support Charge Resident’s own income, (2017/18: £7.00 per week) –  Self funders will pay £58 pw with No Grant from the charity
Care Service Charge Grant from the Charity, (2017/18: £51.00 per week)
Additional Care Attendance Allowance, Social Services personal budget or Continuing Care (NHS) funding
Energy Resident’s own income
Guest flat Guest or resident pays
Mini-bus charge Resident’s own income
Meals Resident’s own income
Mobility scooter charge Resident’s own income

In addition to the charges above, Norwich City Council will charge the resident Council Tax. However, the resident may be able to claim Council Tax Benefit to meet most or all of this charge. This should be discussed with the City Council.

Would the charges increase every year with inflation?

Trustees try to keep income up with costs so it depends on how the costs of providing Doughty’s services vary year-by-year. The charge for energy is the actual cost the Charity pays for the electricity and gas the residents actually consume. It varies with average temperatures and global energy prices.

Would there come a day when I could not afford to pay the charges?

No. It is the Trustees’ firm policy that they will never charge a resident more than he or she can reasonably afford to pay, taking account of benefits which they can claim from the State.

If I became a resident, would I be able to stay in my flat without moving home again?

The Trustees will do all they can to prevent you having to give up your flat. However, if, in the opinion of the Matron, it becomes unsafe for you to continue to live alone or even with a partner in your own flat, even taking account of the support and care Doughty’s can provide, we will discuss with you (and, if you wish, with your family) the need for you to move to a safer environment, for example, a care home.

Are there social activities among the residents? Would I have to take part?

There are many and varied social and diverting activities for residents, most organised by the residents themselves. None are compulsory.

Is there a Residents’ Association or the like?

Yes, there is a Doughty’s Community Club, which is run and managed by the residents through an elected Committee. All residents are automatically members and can play a full part or otherwise as they wish.

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